Amanda Rogaly


What Does Your Company Do?

BabyYumYum is a free online parenting community portal committed to showing parenthood in all its wonders and imperfections, with the aim of empowering and motivating women to go for their dreams. Driven by content provided by moms in the BabyYumYum community, a dedicated editorial team, social media influencers (moms and dads), as well as a panel of carefully selected parenting experts, the portal is a trusted resource for a parenting lifestyle, parenting and pregnancy. The portal embraces a policy of authenticity, welcoming a broad spectrum of subjects relating to parenting, children and pregnancy, irrespective of their controversial nature – as long as it empowers and inspires the BabyYumYum audience. BabyYumYum is dedicated to supporting South African bloggers, leveraging the platform as a vehicle to share their content, monitored by the portal’s experts and editorial team. Together, all stakeholders play a role in showing parenting in its messy, chaotic, challenging and beautiful form. Focusing on cutting edge, rich resources, BabyYumYum supports parents on their parenting journey, showing our common humanity through the stories and content that we share. Central to the BabyYumYum ethos is empowering moms on their parenting journey. Through various strategies, the brand helps moms to break through their limitations and glass ceilings, finding fulfillment to own their individuality and carve out their dreams. BabyYumYum helps moms nurture their own lives so that they can create families which in turn build strong communities, establishing the foundation of a nation which brings light to the world.

What is your Biggest Success?

The biggest success has been the validation of our parenting portal's impact on our engaged audience, through our recent achievement of the 100 000 Facebook Fans milestone, highlighting the unique relationship between the parenting portal and the families which the portal impacts. This is the result of building a formidable team of stakeholders - experts, editorial team, brand partners and BabyYumYum community - to grow BabyYumYum into the #1 parenting portal, focusing on supporting parents and tirelessly crusading to help moms strategise, heal and realise their own potential in order to impact the most important members of our community – our children.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

My biggest hurdle was choosing to take a leap of faith and focus solely on building BabyYumYum as a portal to serve a community of parents. This meant leaving a successfully established marketing business and seeing if I could actually turn my dream to impact on moms into a reality. As a mother, I had to overcome the guilt of not being at home 24/7, and rather acknowledging that I was a good (enough) mom and a positive role model to my two little girls in creating a business that could be a source of support and expertise for parents. It was challenging creating our current strong team to build BabyYumYum and finding an effective business model which could serve all stakeholders – our community, the BabyYumYum team, partnering brands, experts, influencers and, most importantly, the kids we impact through all of these different avenues.

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