Catherine Morris


What Does Your Company Do?

GREEN HOME is South Africa's first supplier of 100% biodegradable food packaging, made entirely from plant based raw materials. We have an extensive range of high quality takeaway food packaging products that are completely compostable.Sustainability is our passion, our vision and our daily work.We are pioneers in an industry dominated by plastic, but are on a mission to make plant based food packaging the norm.

What is your Biggest Success?

A company is only as strong as the individuals that make up the team. It has been a huge task getting the right mix of people together to work at GREEN HOME. The team has grown into such a powerful and dynamic group and I couldn't be prouder. We have such a diverse range of expertise, skills, experience and backgrounds and I truly believe that this has been key to GREEN HOME's success.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Putting together a team of qualified and enthusiastic individuals that are aligned to a common cause and are all working towards a shared objective is an enormous task, one that has essentially taken 12 years to achieve. Getting to the point where we have the right people in the right positions has been the biggest hurdle to this point. We have an amazing product and a receptive and eager customer base so we have seen a measure of success right from the start, but to capitalise on this market and realise its full potential has required us to search high and low for the right people.

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