Darielle Robertson

DnA Events (Pty) Ltd

What Does Your Company Do?

Festival & Event Management. We run over 10 food and wine festivals around the country from Franschhoek Bastille Festival to The Chocolate Festival. I own a wine competition called The Sommeliers Selection and I am the auction director for The Cape Wine Auction which to date has raised over R80 million within 6 years.

What is your Biggest Success?

My biggest success was taking the risk to own the majority of my events, this really is huge risk as you have to put up all the capital yourself but you also get to reap the rewards and make your own decisions. Having the freedom to choose which events I do allows me to be passionate about every single one of them.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

I have learnt to deal with social media criticism. Social media can be your biggest tool with regards to marketing but your worst enemy when members of the public attack you, and being able to do this via social media allows people to be really nasty and get personal which really knocks ones confidence. I had to learn to take the criticism no matter how cruel and use it to improve instead of knock me down.

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