Donna Johnstone


What Does Your Company Do?

I am applying for this title in the competition with my NEW adventure to open a BRAND NEW AVENUE/MARKET which does not exist in SA but does all over the world and i have what it takes to change these people/s lives. Hope that grabbed I will explain what I currently do and how the two passions come together. I currently own LA DONNE SPA - which is a home based beauty salon where we give our clients one on one attention in a comfortable relaxing environment where you are bound to leave feeling on top of the world, where woman support one another in their daily challenges of work, being a mom, a wife/ fiance` girlfriend, granny and every day hurdles. A day of laughter and pampering or relaxing silence in a warm environment while you are massaged. I LOVE MY JOB AND I AM EXTREMELY PASSIONATE ABOUT MAKING PEOPLE FEEL ADORED, WANTED, LOVED SO that they too can take on the world. No one is alone here. Massaging is a HUGE passion of mine and has been for 18 years, where i obtained my CIDESCO International Diploma from Thalia Shaer Academy. I am NOW currently on a journey of opening up a TRAINING ACADEMY TO TEACH THE BLIND TO MASSAGE; yes you read that correctly....I want to Train people that are blind and partially blind to massage. I have set out on an inspiring journey into a life of hope, healing of brokenness and restoring lost dignity of blind and partially sighted men and women. DEVINE INSPIRATION IS MY PASSION FOR THIS. There is NO school here is SA that does this. Experience the powerful abilities of blind and partially sighted men and women through their wonderful, intuitive touch. THREE reasons for me doing this: 1. You will receive the best massage ever in your life, through their touch. 2. No more need for YOU to feel embarrassed about removing your clothes for a massage , you can now feel comfortable. 3. Just because these amazing people are blind or have lost their eye sight due to illness (eg:Retinitis Pigmentosa) , they TOO can still get a salary and earn money. Just because they can't see doesn't mean they can no longer work. # 3 being my main reason. I want to help change this situation and give them hope through this avenue, Give them a reason to live again and find passion within themselves again and with this passion you will get to experience a DIVINE INTERVENTION happen when you receive your massage.

What is your Biggest Success?

MY biggest success I would have to say is when I became a single MOM two years ago, I was worried that would my passion for what i do daily '"suffice us"..But i pushed on through and kept on going even though some days were really tough emotionally, but there was no time for that I needed to make money. I had an amazing support network behind me. By business just grew an minute I looked and my clientele had tripled in two years. My clients, friends and family are absolutely AMAZING I am in my 5th year and going strong. I see all my clients monthly for their various treatments. They are not once off clients. They all become like family. I have seen little kids grow up into young adults, I have lost some elderly clients unfortunately and their client cards remain in my box. Don''t have the heart to take them out. I have seen engagements and marriages. I LOVE my passion and LOVE what I do. I make a difference in peoples lives. This is why I am determined to run with my dream that I have always wanted to do...Train the blind and partially sighted men and women to massage. Make a difference in their lives and join my amazing team. Together we will make a difference for them, ourselves and the community On top of that i met the most incredible human being, She is like my twin. She runs the nail section of the salon and is a true artist. She is not a Nail Tech as they call them, Jolene is a Nail Artist. her work is all free hand and she is just incredible and together we make a great team. We are going places :) we cant wait to help train other nail techs to come on board and beauty therapists for our new SPA where the Blind will work too in their own private spa and the community can come enjoy a massage and experience Devine Intervention

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

My biggest hurdle was TIME and MONEY It was hard starting again on my own. A single mom had to juggle working long hours and trying to be there for my son. I had to push as hard as i could to make it, but it was at the cost of " time" with my precious son. I was at breaking point and was starting to miss him terribly cried often and thought this can't be it surely, is this how its going to be? and that is when i decided to make a change. The weeks I dont have him and he is with his Dad I will work late and push harder. The weeks I do have him, I finish up earlier and not work those Saturday's. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can give you TIME with your son. Their is NO value to that time. This is now how i run my business. (until my 10 year old son is a grown teenager who doesn't want to spend Saturdays baking with his mom or cuddle still lol ) People believed in me and supported me

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