Itumeleng Moima

SoLuna Bakery

What Does Your Company Do?

SoLuna Bakery is a place of creativity where food and art meet. Our creations are such as: cakes, tarts and pies, cookies and biscuits, chilled desserts (cheesecakes, Panna cotta, mousse tarts etc), sweets (cake pops, churros, macarons, pavlova etc). We are 100% black female owned, where we strive to create a subculture where SoLuna cakes and desserts are a lifestyle. We provide our customers with a products list ranging from cakes to desserts for any occasion, any age. Our goal is to create significant employment, knowledge and skill development, in the confectionery and food industry, where employees will be equipped and encouraged enough to manage or even start their own business. We aim to empower and grow a proudly South African Black owned bakery.

What is your Biggest Success?

The Bakery, has since its launch, received significant support and encouragement. The Bakery also works with companies such as Merchant SA and Flight Centre.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

We are working towards getting a shed, where the bakery will operate from. The cost of the structure and equipment has become a hurdle.

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