Kathryn Main

Money Savvy Kids

What Does Your Company Do?

Money Savvy Kids in a financial literacy business. We teach kids from as young as 4 the crucial financial skills they will need to be financially independent adults. MSK is not just a product. It is a pathway to developing mind-sets that will ensure South Africa’s children not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out. Whether through our school training programs or workshops MSK promotes in youth the skills, knowledge attitudes and behaviours required to be financially independent. This is critical to South Africa’s future because each person’s informed financial decisions help shape the country’s economy into the powerhouse it has the potential to be.

What is your Biggest Success?

- In 2016 Money Savvy Kids was a Mondato Summit Africa Finalist. - In 2017 our in school program started running - In 2017 the business launched its first book - In 2017 a Corporate wanted to buy the MSK brand - In 2017 CEO Kathryn Main was picked to join ht first Lioness Of Africa Acceleration program. - in 2018 CEO Kathryn Main won Margaret Hirsch woman in Business 2018/ 2019 - In 2019 MSK has just sold its first license agreement to grow into Africa and other parts of South Africa

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

At First my biggest challenge was pricing the product correctly. I had to re work my financial models and test a few models to find the sweet spot. Now in the growth phase of the business identifying the right partners and opportunities is crucial to my success.

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