Kgomotso Moyo

Horizen Accounts

What Does Your Company Do?

Horizen Accounts is a financial entity that offers financial services such as monthly bookkeeping to small to medium business owners, and financial statements such as profit and loss statements and Accounts review. We also offer business services such as business coaching & business facilitation.These services assist small to medium enterprises with managing and knowing their accounts, whether they made a profit or loss without actually touching their finances but working with the figures on statements.

What is your Biggest Success?

1. Hitting international clients who would fly in to receive services from me which caused me to re-brand the company image which opened more doors for other African countries,which is still present till today. 2. Receiving company technology such as laptop and phone to make business easier

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Starting the company & Raising it from the dead several times - Because a lot of people have trust issues in terms of their finances which is really normal, it took a lot of rendering services for free to showcase the value in which I have to offer. When starting out, a lot of mistakes happen which involve your own finances so I would sell muffins on the side and use that money to cover up company expenses including taking personal savings. It failed twice but I used personal savings and muffin money to keep rising it after every downfall and to raise it to the next level or to the level its at today.

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