Lauren Angelil

Lauren Kim Wellness

What Does Your Company Do?

My company empowers people to take control of their health. The idea is that Western medicine has done a great job of emergency care but does not prevent chronic diseases of lifestyle. Obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes are the biggest causes of disability and death in South Africa. These diseases are lifestyle based and have a huge impact on South Africans. Take this fact from the South African Medical Research Council (2016): "Non-communicable diseases have now become the leading group of causes resulting in death in South Africa accounting for almost 40% of total deaths and 1 in 3 deaths before the age of 60 years" My company focuses on Health Coaching. It uses motivational interviewing and positive psychology techniques to implement sustainable behaviour change focusing on diet, exercise, stress management and mindfulness. This is done one- on- one, in person or online. I hold my clients compassionately accountable to their goals with the idea that small steps towards their vision will allow them to create the lives they want to live.

What is your Biggest Success?

Growing my business from nothing to 7 clients in the space of 3 months. Success to me is seeing how rewarding health coaching is for my clients. Watching their energy change when they're inspired about their vision, seeing their excitement and motivation for their wellness goals. It's small steps towards big lifestyle goals, and I have the privilege of celebrating the wins with them. I have one person, close to me, who was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease. He's been able to manage it with a mixture of lifestyle changes and medication. A new win for us, was that, four months ago he was able to come off his high dose, of strong medication and just manage his condition with exercise, healthy eating, and good sleep hygiene. He is now medication side-effects free, and fully able to enjoy his life without any hinderance. In the past few months I've launched a website, Facebook page and Instagram account. I blog weekly, with the goal of to inspire, motivate, empower people with evidence based research. All of these, are successes.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been the part time, year long, functional Health Coaching course that I have done through the ADAPT academy. While working, I have been putting in long hours learning about the art and practice of coaching as well as functional health. This includes nutrition, exercise, sleep recommendations and stress management techniques such as meditation and mindfulness. This all built up towards a final coaching exam, putting all that I've learnt into practice. Last month, I passed that exam. I am now well onto my way to becoming a certified functional health coach!

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