Letitia Purchase

The Admin Group Pty Ltd Trading as AdminAssist

What Does Your Company Do?

We do Admin per Hour. Time is all we have and we have to use it well! AdminAssist provides flexible staffing solutions in a professional working environment to help people from everywhere in the world get the most out of their lives. On the one hand, our clients accelerate their business results, have more free time and more energy and lower employee costs. On the other hand, our assistants advance their careers in a way that is more suited to their personal circumstances all while gaining exposure to many varied industries and fantastic business leaders.

What is your Biggest Success?

When the word ‘virtual’ was still greatly unknown, we started South Africa’s first Virtual Admin Agency. And, as you’ll know, it is always hard work breaking open a new path in a field. To succeed we had to ensure clever and consistent education of the market. We’ve had to be flexible and innovative, and knowledgeable of customised solutions for a vast range of clients. We’ve had to utilise targeted marketing techniques to show that we are focused on knowing our ‘’product’’, creating competitive offerings and meeting our clients in the myriad of challenges they face. We are young business owners, humbled by all we still have to learn, but our business currently manages 22+ Assistants (21 are women), who’ve assisted many professionals and entrepreneurs in their companies, all the while affording us the opportunity to raise our kids, empower ourselves and make a difference in the world.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle goes hand in hand with our biggest success – how to build a solid reputation in a virtual environment. How do you ensure clients invest in employees they cannot watch over? How do you create ‘Team Spirit’ if most in the team has never met in person? How do you ensure everyone acts on the same biases and moral standards if they cannot see your daily example? It is challenging, but not impossible. Through very clear communication, adopting an attitude of trust and being pro-active with challenges, we are able to establish mutual commitment from both parties to making the working relationship a success.

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