Mamello Sefume


What Does Your Company Do?

Exposure , innovation and time efficiency is what many companies need that is where we come in we provide these three elements that are most needed in a company to succeed, giving the company less to worry about leaving them to focus on making the product or service while we give it the three elements I just mentioned. Most promotional companies only promote based on the information given to them they are not always there to observe the companies day to day to better understand the company so that they can see where the company needs improvement but we work hand on hand with the company or individuals we basically taking on this depart within the company without leaving the company or individuals in the dark. Services we provide: Personal selling Advertising Sales Promotions Direct marketing publicity Event marketing Exhibitions

What is your Biggest Success?

I was invited to a training sponsored by Standard Bank and Tushiyah, they wanted 20 Entrepreneurs and had to do the last selection of top 10 and I was selected to be part of that which was huge to me this included training in Jo'burg. I was invited to the Wonder Woman Networking Event that was an achievement for me and got a huge client of Watershed which a well known company that opened door to working with Zibula Multimedia and Consultancy(Geek Guide) creating Apps in Health and Education I ran their Marketing and was honoured to be working in the same project with the Mayor and Primer this event got a lot of recognition as it was the first heckathon in North West in the ICT space leading to Redbull and Microsoft being involved and having TVET students participate in this event.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Not having enough funds to expend, as am growing and need to funds to grow according to the work giving to me by my clients and bigger clients that am currently going to pursue.

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