Maurisa Moloto

The Lefika Foundation

What Does Your Company Do?

We are a non-profit company which is focused on education, community development and wellbeing. We provide advisory and technical associate support to various stakeholders in education and social development of communities in South Africa. We assist with programme design, capacity building training, research, evidence-based practice development, evaluations, community upliftment programmes.

What is your Biggest Success?

Our greatest achievement would be to assist an informal settlement build better relationships from the ECD centre to the community leaders, the community parents and the businesses in the local area. We went to support this area in Lanseria through asset-based community development which led then to then establish a library and community centre to bring the village together. Through our appreciate inquiry approach we motivated the community to take the lead and change the deficit and poverty mindset to an abundance and growth mindset where the community has the agency over their progress and programmes.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been the red tape for getting everything registered professionally namely the SARS tax aspect as well as the branding ourselves as a corporate identity as a social enterprise in South Africa. The legalities of government and the many board which governs business development, especially the social economy, makes productivity very limiting at times as a startup. Then the aspect of marketing and PR has been a hurdle as we don't have many resources to plug into that as most of the energy and resources is plugged into doing the actual work of development.

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