Mbali Mahlangu

Isiba Le Africa

What Does Your Company Do?

We are passionate about developing entrepreneurs across Africa and we aim to do so through the following; 1. new venture creation coaching: We coach women through the process of starting and growing a business, strategically taking them on the journey step by step. From discovering business passions and opportunities, to conceptualizing a business idea, creating capital and sourcing funding, completing required registrations, establishing branding and marketing to creating systems and procedures for daily execution. 2. monthly mastermind sessions: we host Tribe is a membership club, an intentional gathering of like minded female entrepreneurs. The purpose is to provide a space for women to connect, create, and collaborate. We believe that doing business in relationship with others will lead to success. Sharing through community is part of our design, but meaningful business relationships aren’t always easy to find. This exists to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible. monthly events support group & weekly content designed to challenge, grow and provide female entrepreneurs with business solutions 3. business growth stationary & resources: we sell resources to make the journey beautiful and fun, e.g inspirational office wear and office supplies.

What is your Biggest Success?

Our biggest success has been being bold enough to start this business and figure it out one step at a time.The amount of hours invested in growing it and the fact that even though we are are not where want to be we are still open and pursing the growth and success of the business and that of our clients.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

A lot of times our potential clients do not have the budget to book our consultation fees so we try to work with them anyway to start their business and grow these businesses to a point where they can pay us our fees and invest back into their business. This is not something that happens quickly so cash flow becomes a problem. So i have re-looked at the business strategy and have come up with a solution to look for angel investors and collect funds for a set amount of clients each year. I am currently learning how to pitch this in a proper way and looking for someone who can partner with us on this by helping with the proposal as well as approaching investors.

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