Nicci Stewart

The Why Effect
Block D, Saint Andrew's Office Park, Meadowbrook Lane, Bryanston

What Does Your Company Do?

The Why Effect is a social enterprise that exists to grow entrepreneurial businesses and ultimately create jobs. We do this by offering the following services: Consulting - working directly with business owners as a outsource general manager with a focus on getting operations aligned to achieve the strategy and objectives of the owner(s)/management team. Eco-systems - building entrepreneurial eco-systems to support business growth. We achieve this by working with programmes and hubs to ensure sustainability and impact. Includes creating connection and maintaining relationships with relevant local and international stakeholders; with the purpose of implementing projects and initiatives to grow businesses. This pillar has a particular focus on the tech and creative sectors. Training - we offer training for small businesses in strategy, customer management and public speaking.

What is your Biggest Success?

My greatest achievement has been building a social business that allows me to earn an income doing what I love. It has taken me three years to get to a point that I'm earning a regular salary from my business. Because it was a completely new concept it's taken time to get the offering right and find the right type of clients to work with. My other great achievement was speaking at two international conferences in the past year (Tedx TUWien in Vienna, Austria on Connected the Unconnected and Entrepreneurship Avenue conference also in Vienna). Both talks were very well received and the feedback I got was inspiring.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

My greatest hurdle has been find the right people to partner and collaborate with. Although I am the only person in my business I work with a number of female-owned businesses. My other great hurdle was clarifying my offering and finding clients. Initially I found sales very difficult and I had to overcome a tremendous amount of insecurity to sell "myself" and my skills as a product.

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