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What Does Your Company Do?

South African 100% Women Owned and Lead, Award winning (SMME) ICT company who provides INNOVATIVE and DISRUPTIVE Business and IT solutionsWe drive technology innovation on the African continent and with a prime focus on women in technology.We offerCENTRES OF EXCELLENCES IN ICT consulting and modernisationNetworks and Telecommunications solutionsEmerging technologies such as Robotics, IOT, AIICT Managed Services

What is your Biggest Success?

We have made our country proud if anything ! We are technology Ambassadors and we have made the headline news far and wide , every year since we started our company. We have been cited as one of the top tech women in Africa and have won multiple awards such as the UK Women4Africa, international business women of the year, 2018, SA Innovation League Awards and the 2017 CEO Global Continental Awards, Africas most influential women in business. We have defied the odds and believe that without government funding , businesses wont succeed. We have not had any government funding to date and we have survived, done well and cited as amongst the best in Africa. Entrepreneurship is not about what you have, and how easy it is. It is about what you don't have, how you overcome this and how determined you are to make a statement and leave a legacy.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Biggest hurdle was survival, like every other ICT entrepreneur, visibility is always difficult in the first years of going to market. We worked endless hours to ensure that people came to know of us, we made sure to deliver projects with precision and excellence so that our clients would always be always be happy and do business with us for many years. As such, the first clients that we had in year one, are still our clients to date !

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