What Does Your Company Do?

We are a 100% black women owned company, lead by women and owned by women.We are in the ICT arena and we offer disruptive technology solutions to Africa.The areas that we specialise in are:ICT consulting and modernisationSoftware and ICT managed servicesNetworks and TelecommunicationsEmerging Technology such as block chain, AI, IOT, Robotics

What is your Biggest Success?

As a women owned company in South Africa, we have won the SA Innovation League 2018 We have launched a disruptive technology programme last year called TechXAfrica, which made the headline news in Africa and reached media as far as Nigeria We are thrilled to be a technology company focussed toward women in technology and we play in areas that women traditionally shy away from We are now being called to explore opportunities in other African companies in as far as the impact of our disruptive technology programme is concerned-we are driving revenue to SA, we are creating indirect jobs , reducing ICT spend in SA and try to bring as much of the ICT spend from Africa to South Africa We also won the UK Women 4 Africa, International business women of the year award in 2018 and we have innumerous articles published about us and our works every year. We also won the Continental award in 2017 of teh CEO Global Africas most influential women. We have achieved this without any government funding, as single parents in business and we have defied all the odds thusfar as women in a very difficult line of business. The value of our industry over the next years is in the billions in USD and it is the leading industry in the world. Beyond being business owners, we are ambassadors for our country South Africa and we want to have a business that will always be owned by women and staffed primarily by women.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been access to market-especially outside of South Africa opportunities. To overcome this, we launched TechXAfrica 2018 to which many foreign parties attended such as Ambassadors of various African countries and this has helped us attract attention in Africa. Our challenge is also that government agencies don't understand the world of technology very well and access to funding is not that easy through Government. We prefer to give equity of our business to our own staff and women that work with us rather than to external investors !

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