Nompumelelo Simelane

Deuces Travel
33 Naivasha Road, Sunninhill, Johannesburg

What Does Your Company Do?

We are Africa’s Music Festival Travel Company. Established in 2019, We promote the Top 10 best music festivals across the continent with the aim to cater our services to music lovers of all ages and genres around the world. We offer convenience with our finger tip self help website that gives access to anyone around the world with the desire to explore Africa’s unique sounds, cultures, lifestyle and not forgetting our wildlife.Our vision is to become the No.1 Music Festival Agency in the entire African continent. We strive to unite 54 African countries together as one. We believe in the power of good music to unite all people, celebrating our diverse cultures, love and our beautiful continent

What is your Biggest Success?

Just watching the vision manifest, having a company of my own has always been a dream but i knew that i needed to find purpose and passion first so to understand what it was really that i truly wanted to do. I have been travelling since 2013 and music has been my life long love. Recently when i returned from my Europe vacation which was to clear my mind and think, i returned with a purpose. I love Africa, alot of Africans travel and immigrate to European countries etc but nobody, not even us Africans have visited Africa. Just starting this company has been my greatest achievement, i cant wait to take people to these different countries and celebrate our beautiful continent as Africans.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Doing everything on my own with no support or source of income as i have recently lost my job. when my contracted ended early this year, i broke down and prayed for strength. I prayed for a positive outlook on life and finding my true purpose. Having lost my apartment, i have recently moved back home full time, i had to sell my car to pay off all my debt and at 30 years old never thought life could turn out like this. In the beginning it seemed like i was loosing my mind and everyday proved to be different tragedy.I had to fight it all mentally. I learnt to wake up and look in the mirror and say to myself, I am stronger than i think, i am the one, the best, and will be the greatest.

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