Phillipa Geard

RecruitMyMom (Pty) Ltd

What Does Your Company Do?

RecruitMyMom offers an easy to use online recruitment platform and related recruitment services for skilled mothers looking for meaningful part-time and flexible employment opportunities and employers looking for experienced skills for part-time and flexible jobs offered. RecruitMyMom currently operates throughout South Africa targeting SMEs, placing permanent and contract employees in both office and virtual home based roles. RecruitMyMom plays a vital role within the recruitment industry having created a trusted platform that connects employers to this specific group of skilled job-seekers having specific flexibility needs. Newly launched RecruitAGraduate, plays an equally vital role within the recruitment industry having created a platform that connects employers to graduates, interns and apprentices having the specific need for entry into the job market as well as assisting in alleviating youth unemployment.

What is your Biggest Success?

My biggest success was when I was awarded Job Creator of the Year in 2018 in acknowledgment of the fact that RecruitMyMom has created significant job opportunities for women in South Africa through our online recruitment platform that did not previously exist. This acknowledgement from the Entrepreneur of the Year awards spurred me on to launch RecruitAGraduate in 2019 to help the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa. One is so often focused on the running of the business that you forget to stop and celebrate the difference one is truly making. This success is apart from the fact that RecruitMyMom is a profitable business that employs women who all work from their homes.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

As an entrepreneur you face many hurdles. My greatest hurdle was that when I started my business I had a specific picture in my mind of what it would look like. On going to market I realised that what I envisioned and what was playing out as reality were two very different things. What I had to overcome was grasping the fact that the vision was still good, but I needed to be adaptable in my execution. If I had not, the business would never have succeeded. One example is that it took me two years to figure out a sustainable revenue model. I didn't want to go the traditional recruitment route, but the market would not accept alternatives. Once I adapted, the revenue took off. The other hurdle was that I do not come from a tech background, yet my business is built on an entirely tech platform.

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