Portia Esau

Portias1stopevents PTY Ltd

What Does Your Company Do?

My Business is a full service Events coordinating company providing clients with a wide variety of services including Catering, Baking, Hiring out of equipment, services of photography, DJ services and a lot more, all under one roof.A 1Stop service for all your event catering needs.

What is your Biggest Success?

I have grown from home bake business to now renting a restaurant/bakery space. It was not an overnight achievement and took a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Having to take all the money /profit that came in and reinvest in the business all the time to buy equipment/tools needed. That process still applies as we are not fully equipped yet. We simply work around what we currently own. Accolades achieved to date includes 2016 - Top 30 finalist in the Sage and 702 small business awards. 2017 - Top 15 County wide finalist in the Huletts Koeksister champion competition 2018 - Venturing more into the food sector, I opened up my first storefront, acquiring a restaurant which we operate as restaurant and bakery to date. 2018 volunteering to teach the youth in and around Westbury basic baking and cooking skills, and that got me accepted by The department of social development to be part of the Westbury Youth centre' program me curriculum. DSD now funds the baking programme. It's still on a very small scale and already achieved overwhelming success, and we would like to expand on that in order to teach more youngsters and create jobs and help better people's lives. Our first success story following this project is that one of our first volunteers on the programme advanced to a accredited culinary course, graduated last Dec and is now placed as a chef at the Prestigeous Tsogo Sun Hotel in Sandton. Those are the realities of the impact I desire to make. Lasting and life changing.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been and still is the fact that I self started/self funded the business with the money I had when I left my corporate job in 2012 and then having to continously reinvest in the business to keep the business afloat. Then there is the reality of not having a vehicle of my own(after my bakkie got stolen in 2014) still don't have the means to replace it, this forces me to make use of public transport and spending a lot of money on hired transport for basic business needs and all the events we host. We still use most of in fact all of the small, home based baking equipment and the need for bigger bakery equipment is huge and this has an impact on how much work we take on. It actually restrains us for doing even better than we are currently.

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