Portia Nompumelelo Grootboom

Thoughtworx Consulting

What Does Your Company Do?

We offer professional consulting services with a specific focus in Development Planning, Local Economic Development and Agency facilitation as well as Project Management Capacity.

What is your Biggest Success?

This year (2019) I have expanded to partner with an established engineering company after negotiating majority shareholding as a black professional woman in the company. This increases my footprint to a number of provinces as a result of the access to the type of resources my new partners have. This partnership holds so much promise in terms accessing a much broader client base that we all bring to leverage on as one team instead of individual companies.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

The biggest hurdle has to be the resources to expand my business' reach because we had a limited client base for a very long time and this also meant we could only get so much projects. We also could not gain easy access to many other opportunities and clients as we were spread too thinly. Furthermore late payments by some clients were a huge challenge in terms of cashflow. We could not at times pay staff salaries on time which is not good for their morale especially for some of our administrative support staff who were still studying part time and desperately needed the money. This meant one had to dip into own savings (unfortunately at times retirement investments) just to keep the business afloat whilst waiting for clients to pay.

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