Robyn Sequeira

I Do Creative Designs

What Does Your Company Do?

I Do Creative Designs specializes in all the finer details with regards to ones special wedding day. All our products are designed and handmade with love. I take pride in what I do and with every order, I ensure that it gets all the attention it deserves as I am quite the perfectionist. As the owner of I Do Creative Designs, I believe that everything is not only in the finer details but I offer something that is different and unique. I am also a strong believer in love which means creating the perfect personalised details for every wedding. From a business aspect, I do everything myself including managing of my business specifically the financial aspect, arranging and meeting with clients, generating sales, managing social media accounts, and the planning of Bridal Expo’s. This is over and above all the orders received which I do personally myself from Save The Dates, Wedding Invitations (incl. All Wedding Stationery), Guest Gifts, Table Numbers, Confetti, Wedding Sweet Table, Wedding Signage, Bridal Gift Boxes, Groomsmen Gift Boxes and more.

What is your Biggest Success?

My biggest success to date is getting the opportunity to be a part of a brides wedding that took place internationally in Bali and creating Guest Gifts for each night for over 70 Guests. I have another international wedding that will be taking place in December in Thailand. I have been privileged to be a part of Bridal Expo’s such as Oakfield Farm at the end of January and East Rand Wedding Show at Emperors Palace at the end of May. I have also been selected to be a part of the Exclusive Winter Wedding Expo at Summer Place, Hyde Park which will take place towards the end of July. I am beyond blessed for all that I have accomplished in my personal capacity over the past few months since I have officially launched my business and I wish to continue to grow and inspire many, not only just future bridal couples to have a Fairytale Wedding that they have always wanted but also women who desire to be an entrepreneur should pursue their passion and never stop believing in their abilities. “Where there is love, there is life” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

I try to remain grounded and be a positive person but one specific hurdle I do face with being in the wedding sector is that a lot of bridal couples plan their weddings months in advance and may not necessarily need your product or services immediately when they see it. Since, weddings need planning and budgeting in advance. My business requires that I target bridal couples with weddings in the same month so that I am able to ensure I get a monthly income to cover my overheads and expenses. So you need to be really great at sales too! As much as securing business may not be easy month to month, I love what I am doing and I want to offer something unique to bridal couples which has not been seen or done before and is also not easily bought from the retail outlets.

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