Sheila Afari

Sheila Afari PR

What Does Your Company Do?

Sheila Afari Public Relations is a proud African bespoke entity focused on creating and executing specialised Public Relations campaigns for proud African brands that have a compelling story to tell. We hold a firm reputation for being a premium service provider to our clients. We are generous with our offering and consistent in getting results. In our seven years in business we have been fortunate to work with established, local, pan-African and international brands and personalities. Our commitment to deliver is consistent with our passion for Africa and its people. We believe that for good PR to work, both parties need to be committed to a shared vision. That is why we take a tailored approach to each client to ensure that our work is in line with each client’s vision.

What is your Biggest Success?

I believe my biggest success to date has been launching a reputable PR business without a PR background. I took an entrepreneurial hunch to start a PR business and was able to navigate my way and provide an excellent service that has enabled me to work with some of the biggest celebrities and event properties in the country. As testament to the good standing of my business, I’ve had certain clients on my books almost since the inception of my business, others for 5 years, 4 years, 3 years and so forth. I’m people focused and having my clients’ best interests at the core of my service offering has spoken volumes in an industry where client retention is very low.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

My biggest hurdle was trying to upscale the business prematurely. I have a big vision of where I see the company and at the start of 2017, I decided to upscale to a team of 10. The idea was to expand my service offering into different industries which required different skill sets to run these new divisions so that I could focus on business development and bring in new clients, but that plan backfired. I ended up with a large team yet still carried the bulk of the workload which meant I wasn’t bringing in the additional business, but my overheads had skyrocketed. It took almost two years to recover financially and emotionally from that decision because the right systems weren’t in place. This experience taught me that a large team does not necessarily equate to more productivity and proper systems are needed to scale a business.

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