Teneal Fredericks


What Does Your Company Do?

My company is aimed at empowering woman especially teenmoms and transgender woman who so often get discriminated. As a woman who has been through rape and abuse I want to create leaders and woman who aren't afraid to believe in themselves and in return also build 9 homeless shelters all around south Africa. We need more confident woman and my company provides the following : Speech therapy classes--how to speak infront of a large audience, the fundamentals of using correct language during speech, number of exercises completed to understand how to use your voice pitch and so much more. Lifestyle coaching- this coaching provided by a professional worth over 10k. Entails how to dress, walk, talk, do your goals and setting out to achieve them, how to present and market yourself. Also ways you can improve your self image. Self defence classes--this powerhouse class needs to introduction. It comes with teaching you unique tricks in what to do in a case where you are in danger and need to defend yourself. Dancing classes- in this class we Will be teaching, hip hop, tango and rumba. The basics to get you started Entrepreneurial classes--this class is filled with so much creativity as to how to start being your own boss, also giving you some important fundamentals that you can't find online, interaction with South Africa's most sought after entrepreneurs and motivational speeches from 3 millionaires on how to get there and what their secrets are, also giving you references. Modeling coaching- ramp walking classes, photoshoot techniques, fashion show techniques, how to use your body according to your own style of walking Self-esteem bootcamp- building confidence, overcoming barriers and learning to love yourself more. Fashion classes--high fashion classes, training on how to make your own clothing, which clothing to wear according to your body type and how to step out of your comfort zone Media classes--how to present yourself infront of the camera, here we talk with stars who are constantly infront of the camera, the do's and don'ts, also how to launch yourself on social media Cooking classes:basics and high level cooking Leadership classes- how to be the best leader you can possibly be

What is your Biggest Success?

My biggest success has been changing the lives of 250 woman in our first week of launching , also creating a pageant platform so that these woman feel confident to be on stage and infront of woman. You see we are not all cut from the same cloth but we can build each other instead of breaking each other down 👐 a real queen never hesitates to give her crown to a queen in need.

What has been your Biggest Hurdle?

Biggest hurdle has been trying to convince these badly bruised woman to have faith in us, to convince these woman to trust us to make them vulnerable again and it was hard ......you see once someone loses trust in something it's very hard to get back. Sponsorship has also been one hurdle but we worked so hard to make sure all the woman were catered to

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